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Top 10 Famous English Writers India

Today I was reading a book “A night in a call center,” an amazing book. And I was amazed to learn it was written by an Indian writer, Chetan Bhagat. Amazingly when I tried to build a list of top 10 writers in India, I realized India has unlimited talents. The series of writing novel in English was started by R K Narayan but foster the list of English fiction writers. Some of them have really succeeded and their fame is growing day by day in international market. The lists of top 10 famous writers in India are as follows:

Today’s youngster are quite fond of this name and you can rendezvous with this fact by being a part of record breaking sell of his writing. I guess the reason behind the popularity of his book the utility of simple language and rendezvous of truth with the society. He basically writes on simple theme which had a mass appeal on the mind of the readers. Already a movie 3 Idiots had been featured on his book “Three mistake of my life,” and the movie 2 States is scheduled to release soon. His last book was based on politics,” Revolution 2020,” and had successfully dictated the sad condition of Indian society due to the growing corruption and nepotism.

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