Theater is not an art, its a rigorous penance, its meditation. Frankly speaking, theater is not everyone’s cup of tea but rather for those who are passionate for acting, hard-working and can spend long periods on frugal money .But in the end, apart from lots of satisfaction and invaluable peace, it may reward you generously in form of name, fame and a career with flying colors.

How to Be a Better Stage Actor

1. Relax. Great actors spend their entire careers learning to relax the muscles in their face and body at will. Tension is very obvious when you are on stage. Your voice will sound thin and wavering, and your movements will be jerky and unattractive. To avoid these stiff and nervous displays when you're acting, it is essential to remain as relaxed as possible. Even a scene involving high drama calls for measured and calm concentration from the actor. So, act dramatic, but be calm inside, and don't work yourself up.

2. Focus your attention on something on stage. It could be another actor, a prop, etc. Keep yourself in the moment and never stare off into space. It is obvious to the audience if you are spacing out and it is very distracting. Keeping in the moment enables you to remain in character and enhances the believability of the role and the play itself. Also, try not to play with your clothes, or use other nervous gestures, just look at the back of the theater, or your focus point, if you are tense.


3. Immerse yourself in the role completely. Forget that you are pretending and try to become the character you are playing. Envision how that person reacts to life, how that person dresses, walks, thinks and converses with others. Don't be afraid to act like someone else, Draw on these visualizations when portraying the character. Always stay in that state of mind when acting. If you try to pretend to be sad, it's an effort; if you are sad, it comes out in your acting well. Do not try to act the character - instead, be the character.