Are you an ardent fan of Michael Jackson, Prabhu Deva, Hrithik Roshan or our own Mithun Da. Do you vouch for being a dancer? Then, let me give you a Guru mantra-You may not be perfect at dance, but you need to love it. If you do it, by heart, regularly, diligently, then you will be good at it. Practice is the keyword, man.

Dance Choreography as a career

Are you a born dancer ? Do you have passion for innovation and a knack for teaching people? If so, career as a choreographer could be a perfect fit for you. Earlier dance used to be considered as an entertainment source, but now dance choreography is a popular career choice among youth.Choreography is not just about dance, it's about understanding dance well enough to combine various steps and movements according to the chosen music. Dance choreography involves using traditional dance forms and blending them with original dance moves to create a whole new performance. Choreography promotes the expression of ideas through dance, movement languages and compositional forms on the body. In simple words, Choreography involves conceptualization of dance moves.People who translate ideas into dance sequences are called Choreographers. Choreographers start out their career as dancers. With years of experience in the field they gradually move towards choreography. Choreographers work with all forms of dance, including traditional, classical ballet, modern, tap, jazz, folk, ethnic, and ballroom.