Do you believe that you have a natural acting talent? Is it your passion and dream to join the greats of Bollywood and star opposite your favourite stars? Whether you have done work in theatre TV or no experience at all, kalakar gives you a chance to polish your talent and showcase it to the glamour industry.
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How to Get Into Bollywood

1. Millions come to Bollywood and they get stuck in queues, running after directors forever. You must take into account your whereabouts like where you will be staying safely and managing your requirements. It's a limbo unless you're good enough to break out. Be cautious.


2. Join a renowned acting class. It always helps. The acting class, apart from improving your acting skills, will be a platform for you. Be curious and be a good student. Directors might come and pick people from those classes.


3. Join a theater group. As beginners, your focus will be on getting noticed and in polishing your acting skills. Hence, you may consider joining a theater group like Prithvi theater etc. Many casting directors look for promising talent in theater artists. Plus, you get to learn very good acting techniques while at it.

Train Yourself